20 Clever Ways to Make Your Studio Apartment Feel and Look Bigger

If you live in a big city like New York or L.A ., there’s an excellent chance you’re living in an apartment that’s as big as your childhood bedroom—and you’re probably paying as much as many people do on a mortgage. Living small space may seem like the worst thing ever, believe it or not, there are ways to make the most of your studio apartment using some clever decorating tips.

When living in a small spaces, literally every single inch counts. There are so many small changes you can incorporate into your small space to make it feel larger and more open.


Hidden Storage

This multifunctional bedside table is such a great idea and great use of space: Use multicolored, vintage suitcases as a sidetable and stuff items you might not need right away, like winter clothes.

Let in the Light

The more natural light you can let into your apartment, the larger and more welcoming it will feel.


Add Plants

Indoor plants are not only pretty and create a comfortable, homey atmosphere, some even purify the air.

Paint the Ceiling White

This will help create heighth by reflecting the light and helping the room feel airy overhead.

Use Floating Wall Shelves

One great way to store things without cluttering your space is on the walls! Use floating wall shelves to keep all your items in place while adding some character and color to your walls.

Pops of Color Go a Long Way

Rather than painting your entire apartment, use small pops of color to keep things clean, simple, and minimalistic to make your space stay looking as large as possible.

Paint Your Walls White

If you don’t want a white ceiling, then opt for white walls; they’re amazing for many reasons. First, they’re going to make your space feel more open and spacious—that’s something every studio apartment can use. Also, it gives you the chance to change around your color themes through your time in the apartment!

Anything Foldable Is Your New BFF

Beds, tables, desks—anything: If it comes in a foldable version, it should be in your apartment.

Or, Go Bold!

It’s true: You can have some fun and give your walls a dark, broody, yet playful pop of color.

Opt for Long Curtains That Start at Your Ceiling

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To make your room look taller (in turn, making it feel larger), hang up a pair of long curtains starting at the ceiling.

Or, Use Curtains to Break Up the Space

You can also hang up a curtain, such as the canvas curtain pictured, to create separate rooms. It’s also a great way to hide clutter when you have unexpected guests.

Use a Bed That Can Double as Storage

Rather than piling books, folders, clothings, and blankets all around your tiny place, find a bed that can double as storage. By keeping it out-of-sight, it will make your space look neater and keep you from going insane from the clutter!

Use a Wall Divider

We totally suggest using a divider like the shelving unit pictured because you can also use it as a storage device to house all your books, trinkets, and other home decor items. It’ll also help break up your space and make it feel larger.

Accessorize like Your Space Is Huge

Don’t be afraid to make your small space look like a million bucks with chic accessories like shag rugs under chairs, matted and framed art, and fresh plants.

Use Large Furniture

Lots of small furniture sprinkled around your space could make your studio feel cluttered and messy, while a couple of functional larger pieces could make your studio feel bigger.

Hang Up Mirrors

They’ll make any room appear larger because of their reflective quality. Bonus points for using cool, on-trend tinted ones like the mirrors pictured.

Furniture That Doubles in Function

You can shop for bed-and-desk combo pieces like this, or just position yours back-to-back to free up floor space.

Install Cabinets Above Your Bed

Doing so will help keep clothing and other stuff out of sight. Even better, add recessed lighting to the bottom of those cabinets—the brighter and cleaner your studio, the bigger it’ll look.

Store Pretty Objects out of Reach, but in Sight

Even the ceiling is fair storage game when it comes to tiny apartments.

Color-Code and Organize Practical Objects—Including Food

And keep them on display as a design touch. If you don’t have tons of drawers, cabinets, or a pantry, try artfully arranging boxes of pasta or wine bottles.