Adidas will produce 11 million shoes with plastics removed from the oceans

According to data released by the UN, 80% of all marine waste is made up of plastic and the estimate is that by 2050 the amount of plastic wasted in the water will exceed the amount of fish. Fighting against this terrible scenario, Adidas has committed to producing 11 million shoes with plastics removed from the oceans.

adidas plástico oceano 3

In an interview, Eric Liedtke, a member of the brand’s executive board, said the new product line is the answer to market demand, as people are increasingly worried about what they are consuming.

The brand has been working directly with environmentalists since 2015 and this is not the first time it will produce sneakers containing oceanic plastic – since in the last 2 years, more than 6 million sneakers have been sold with this material.

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adidas plástico oceano 1

But in addition to shoes, Adidas is also partnering with stylists like Stella McCartney to create sustainable sportswear. The efforts, however, are not only focused on the final product, as the company is also concerned with the production phase, using sustainable materials and committed to reducing CO2 emissions and waste prevention.

Removing 100% of the plastic in the oceans is an exhausting task, however, if several committed companies have the same thinking as Adidas, maybe one day we will get there.