Angelina Jolie refuses to play Celine Dion in biopic and decision offends singer

Angelina Jolie made her friend get upset – The singer Celine Dion. According to the tabloid Radar Online, it all started when the Canadian singer asked the actress to interpret her in a biopic.

“For years now, Celine’s big passion has been a musical movie adaptation of her life, career and marriage to Rene [Angelil],” a source told Radar. “She wants this to happen for both her kids and her fans, and was dead-set on Angie landing the part.”

“Celine considered Angie a good friend, and is devastated that she’s turning down the role,” an insider told Radar. “Their friendship surely won’t survive this, and after losing out on a leading lady of Angie’s level, this may be the end of the project altogether.”

Jolie apparently said that she is simply too busy to accept another project.

A cantora Celine Dion (Foto: Instagram)

Angelina Jolie em Malévola (Foto: Divulgação)