‘Condoms’ For Shoes Will Protect Your Sneakers Against The Nasties

Online retailer Firebox has an unconventional solution for those who wish to keep their shoes clean and secure: contraception.

The company has debuted ‘Shoe Condoms’, protective rubbers for your feet. The product’s description details that it “protects your shoes from mud, mess and rain,” and serves as a “no-brainer” for pricy footwear. For good measure, the “condoms” also come with resealable pouches.

To use these “condoms”, the wearer simply has to roll the rubbery sheaths onto to their footwear. Though the design is best for keeping white trainers clean, you can also use it on other silhouettes.

Image result for shoe condom firebox


Image result for shoe condom firebox


Image result for shoe condom firebox

An accompanying video educates inexperienced users on how to “apply” the rubbers, claiming that it offers “99.9-percent protection against STDs (street-transmitted dirt).”

These “condoms” come in medium and large sizes, and are priced at £7.99 (US$10.13). For shoe lovers who want to better shield their precious footwear from bad weather or dirt on the ground, you can get the innovative product here.

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