Disney Fans Are Upset Over Beyoncé’s Voice As ‘Nala’ In ‘The Lion King’

Disney fans are now having differing opinions over Beyoncé’s role as ‘Nala’ in The Lion King after a new video emerged. Some feel that the voiceover is disconcerting, as the star’s vocals are too distinctive.

In the clip, ‘Nala’ is heard talking about ‘Scar’ taking over the territory of ‘Simba’. She also tells the protagonist, “This isn’t the home I remember,” and that ‘Simba’ would have to resume his place as the real king of the Pride Lands.

One Twitter user points out that the lion looks a little too real to be convincing with a human voice. Additionally, Beyoncé’s voice is so obvious that it is “distracting.” Fans have seconded the opinion, expressing that they used to be excited about the singer’s role but are not so sure anymore.

They also argue that ‘Nala’ is depicted as a young lioness, but the voiceover sounds too much like a grown woman.

One viewer suggests the voice actors should have done African accents “like [in] Black Panther” to make the film appear more authentic. Some even worry that this version of The Lion King could ruin their childhood memories.

However, a few others express support for the movie because they are diehard enthusiasts of both the singer and the Disney film.

Whatever the full range of opinions are, perhaps Disney should reconsider doing “realistic” remakes for its forthcoming high-profile films, as it can be difficult for reboots to match up to the classics.


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