‘Friends’s Original Script Had A Wholly Different Ending For ‘Ross’ & ‘Rachel’

It has been 15 years since the final episode of Friends aired, but it was only recently revealed that its ending could have given fans a different form of closure.

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The rediscovered original script, via Metro.co.uk, shows that ‘Ross’ (David Schwimmer) was about to move with ‘Rachel’ (Jennifer Anniston) to Paris in the final season.

The scenes were originally titled The One Where Jetlag Wins, and featured the duo spending time in Paris to give ‘Rachel’ time to think about whether to live in the city in the long term.

However, a jet lag soon scattered their plans as they fell asleep for three hours and room service was no longer available, so ‘Ross’ went down to the kitchen to get some food for ‘Rachel.’ It was while they were eating in the middle of the night that ‘Ross’ brought forth the idea of living in Paris together.

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It may seem like the perfect ending for the couple, except, of course, something has to come in the way. ‘Ross’s university ended up denying him permission to go to Paris, and ‘Rachel’ gave up her opportunities in Paris for him.

Even though this storyline never made it to the screen, fans are still pretty upset about ‘Rachel’s sacrifice.