IKEA’s Eco-Friendly ‘£0 Collection’ Shows More Than One Way To Use Its Products

From encouraging shoppers to walk to its eco-friendly store to developing a sustainable vegan meatball that tastes like real meat, IKEA is evidently doing its part to diminish its carbon footprint. Now, it urges customers to turn to their homes and revitalize items they already own.

The Swedish furniture giant has roped in advertising agency Proximity London to launch its “first-ever £0 collection” featuring existing products. The campaign—which suggests creative ways to upcycle IKEA goods—is called ‘Lagom’, a Swedish philosophy meaning “just the right amount.”

Recommendations include repurposing kitchen utensils to create a trellis, turning IKEA’s famous ‘FRAKTA’ blue bags into picnic blankets, and using cupcake trays to grow herbs and vegetables. There are so many possibilities, and they all come at no cost.

Don’t discard your homeware just yet. Scroll down to check out the ‘Lagom’ collection for some upcycling ideas that could benefit both the environment and yourself.