Less Than 1%’ Got Perfect Score For This Color Test – give a try!

UK-based eye care company Lenstore has created an online quiz that drills your ability to differentiate colors.

This test is pretty challenging, and according to the creator, less that one-percent of participants got 10 out of 10 questions correct. In fact, most only had six out of 10 right.

Interestingly, the quiz turned up that women had slightly better color sight than male participants. Females scored an average of 57.7 percent, while men obtained an average of 53.8 percent.

The ability to tell colors apart seems to decline as people get older. This was evident in the overall scores, as those older than 76-years-old typically only got 30 percent to 40 percent correct, as compared to people in the early thirties that generally scored around 60 percent.


Language, too, plays a huge impact on how people perceive colors. Lenstore explains that the English language did not have the word “orange” only until two centuries after the fruit arrived in Europe. Before “orange,” the shade was called “yellow-red.” In Russian, blue is categorized into two groups: “light blue” and “dark blue.”

Play the quiz below, or head here, to see how astute you are at distinguishing shades.