Make Up Before Giving Birth?

Childbirth is painful, tiring, messy and now, glamorous? Women around the world are blending contouring and contractions with the ongoing trend of applying makeup before giving birth. We aren’t talking about a touch of mascara or some undereye cover-up to freshen up your face – no these mothers are doing full face beats, that are Instagram ready.

It might sound bizarre to some to prep for the camera during this strenuous time, but a study from Cosmetify revealed that 64 percent of women aged 18 to 31 get beauty treatments before going into labor, including hair removal (65 percent), a manicure (57 percent), pedicure (43 percent), spray tan (37 percent) or a blow-dry, cut or styling (32 percent). While glamming up for this life-changing occasion is not exactly a new thing, women have different reasons as to why.

Check it out women around the world are preparing for childbirth by applying makeup: