McDonald’s Claims Burger Chain’s Alpaca Burger ‘Big Pac’ Infringes Its ‘Big Mac’

McDonald’s has issued a cease-and-desist letter to Brisbane-based burger shop Burger Urge over its alpaca burger.

Burger Urge had introduced the ‘Big Pac’ alpaca burger, which contains two alpaca patties, cheese, pickles and onions, all packed within a sesame bun, to customers.

Sean Carthew, Burger Urge’s managing director, has expressed his perplexity over the letter. The company explained that it is the only restaurant that serves alpaca burgers and is confident that nobody will confuse it with McDonald’s offerings.

Carthew added that Burger Urge aims to serve interesting food options using the finest ingredients, unlike McDonald’s, which Carthew claims has been serving uninspired food for a long time.

According to a McDonald’s spokesperson, the fast food chain has no problems with the burger, only its promotional materials used by Burger Urge.

It said that Burger Urge’s name and promotion of its new burger clashes with McDonald’s trademark of its timeless ‘Big Mac’. Burger Urge has agreed to take down the relevant marketing materials as requested.

Carthew explained that the brand was disappointed by McDonald’s response, as it is simply a small restaurant chain trying to create exciting product offerings. He added that all of its ads had featured the Burger Urge logo as well as an actual Alpaca, thus making it distinctly different from McDonald’s marketing. Burger Urge has decided to seek further legal advice on the matter as it claims it hasn’t done anything wrong.