Nintendo Unveils Low-Cost ‘Switch Lite’, Here’s How It Compares To The Original

Nintendo sold 34 million units of the Nintendo Switch in two years. The gadget is touted for its ability to both be playable at home and on the go, and despite this key strength, the company went ahead and announced a ‘Lite’ version of the console that doesn’t come with television support.

Nevertheless, casual gamers might still be drawn to the new handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite, mostly due to its low US$199.99 price. That’s a whopping US$100 less than the original.

It’s also tinier than the OG console with a 5.5-inch and 720p screen, in comparison to the Switch’s 6.2-inch display. This might be a perk, as CNET, which had the opportunity of testing the gadget, relates that its graphics look sharper on the slightly smaller screen.

Nintendo believes that there’s a market for the handheld gaming console, and that the two variations can “coexist,” describes Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America. As opposed to the original Switch, the Nintendo Switch Lite is comparably a “compact, lightweight, dedicated gaming device.”

Lite is also extra bright with finishings like yellow, turquoise and gray, all of which will roll out with the release of the Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake on 20 September. A limited edition off-white Pokémon edition will debut alongside the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield game on 8 November.

What might turn Nintendo Switch fans off about the low-cost alternative, though, is that it doesn’t come with the detachable ‘Joy-Cons’. Integrated controls are found where the ‘Joy-Cons’ should be, and the Switch’s directional buttons have been replaced with a D-Pad.

Additionally, there’s no television support, so players are limited to games with handheld mode. However, they can purchase controllers separately in order to play games that do not support handheld mode, such as Pokémon Let’s Go and 1-2 Switch.

Nintendo Switch Lite comes with a matte plastic finishing, and CNET describes that it feels “solid,” much like the Nintendo 2DS XL handheld.

Where the Nintendo Switch lacks in versatility, it makes up for with lightness and battery life.

The original Switch weighs in at 0.88 pounds with controllers, whereas the Switch Lite is just 0.61 pounds in weight. Nintendo also describes that the Nintendo Switch is able to sustain 2.5 hours to 6.5 hours of gameplay, while the Nintendo Switch Lite can last slightly longer for three to seven hours.

To put things into perspective for gamers, a single charge lets them play three hours of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the original Nintendo Switch, whereas the Nintendo Switch Lite lets them play the game for about four hours.
A rundown of Nintendo Switch Lite’s contrasting features, via IGN, can also be found in the video below. Watch it for a crash course on the new gadget before it launches on 20 September.

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