Sarah Jessica Parker recreates “Sex in the City” opening for Stella Artois campaign

This time, the scene with the character Carrie Bradshaw brings a message about Stella Artois’s partnership with

Carrie Bradshaw está de volta! Pelo menos por alguns segundos, já que Sarah Jessica Parker reviveu sua personagem de “Sex in the City” em uma campanha da Stella Artois.

The scene is exactly like the opening of the series, with Carrie in a look as fashionista as the one of the time, walking confidently through the streets of New York until a bus splashes water in its clothes. This time, however, Carrie’s message is about changing to do good.



The campaign is about Stella Artois’s partnership with, an organization that Matt Damon helped found in 2009 to help people around the world gain access to clean water.

In partnership, with each bottle of beer purchased by March 31, will donate one month’s of potable water   in places where distribution is poor.