Sick Of Influencers, Ice Cream Shop Owner Charges Double From Freeloaders

Social media influencers and business owners might not always get along, especially when bloggers are known to request for free productsin exchange for “exposure.”

One example is the owner of an LA ice cream tuck, who is so fed up with ridiculous requests from certain online content creators, he has invented a new policy that taxes them.

In retaliation of bloggers offering to pay for ice cream through social media exposure, Joe Nicchi, owner of CVT Soft Serve, tells VICE that whoever asks to get a US$4 ice cream cone for free “will pay US$8.”

The last straw came about when an unnamed online influencer offered a shoutout on their account if he could cater an event of 300 guests for free.

Nicchi has since made an announcement on Instagram about the rule, as well as set up a sign that reads, “Influencers pay double.” The shop owner has made it clear in his caption that he will never “give you a free ice cream in exchange for a post on Instagram.”

His post has gone viral on the internet, and fellow business owners who have dealt with similar customers have applauded the man for creating the policy.

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