Starbucks takes over the throne with a cup of coffee appearance in “Game of Thrones”

There are few certainties about the bizarre episode of the “Starbucks Cup” in Game of Thrones. So, let´s look closely 2 of them. Oh, and if you have not yet seen chapter 4 of season 8, I promise not to give you many spoilers in this text!

The first certainty is that: No, it’s not a meme or fake news – there was a cup of coffee on the bench, Starbucks style, in the episode shown on Sunday. The cup was really there, in the middle of a celebration scene with Jon Snow and Daenerys, in a castle (see? Not much spoiler!).


The second certainty, for those who enjoy marketing and suspect that it was such a campaign, is the absurd brand strength that Starbucks has all over the world! Anyone who has gone anywhere in the United States knows that cup in this format are present in practically every establishment that offers you coffee, long before the Starbucks became popular.

To be able to appropriate this much of a theoretically common element, and throughout the world, has no price, no purchase, no formula to build.

So far, no channel or official source has spoken about the real reason the glass is there: whether it was production error or subliminal message. Incredible as it may seem for a series costing more than $ 10 million per episode, it is more likely to have been the first choice. But with or without product placement, merchandising or something like that, Starbucks has already gained far more than just a cup of coffee because it has done a great job of building branding and connecting with popular culture.

It could be any brand, or just “coffee cup.” But it was Starbucks. Point to them!

There are those who guarantee, on the internet, that if it was really a Starbucks cup, they sure wrote Daenerys wrong! 😛