Taylor Swift’s Music Video Looks So Much Like Beyoncé’s & The Internet Agrees

Taylor Swift has dropped her music video for her latest single You Need to Calm Down, and Swifties are in love with its strikingly colorful aesthetic. It falls short of pleasing Beyoncé’s fans, unfortunately.

Social media users have noticed that the video draws some similarities to Beyoncé’s Party video from 2011. Both versions show the singers attending pool parties in trailer parks and donning similar outfits. Swift is seen wearing a pink fur top that is matched with a bikini top, while Beyoncé wears a pink one-piece and a yellow fur coat in her music video.

Several Twitter users have asked if Taylor Swift’s video is a “total ripoff” of Beyoncé’s Party. It is reminiscent of this year’s Billboard Music Awards, when Swift was also criticized for seemingly appropriating Beyoncé’s Coachella performance.

If Swift doesn’t want people to keep saying that she is copying Beyoncé, she should “quit ripping off Beyoncé,” one Twitter user suggests.