The habits you must cultivate to live more and better

Good mood, healthy eating, and exercise are data already known, but there are a few others – more surprising – that are able to extend life expectancy. The creator of the infographic David McCandless reveals through scientific data the best habits you can adopt in your daily life.

The infographic shows that too much sleep can reduce life expectancy. McCandless explains: “7 hours are ideal, but not more than 8 hours a night”. Being optimistic can also help you to live longer, especially if you are a woman: ”women with higher levels of hostility are 16 percent more likely to die sooner. “. On the other hand, men who spend more time with women in their formative years can increase their life expectancy for another 15 years. Other recommendations include: spending more time outdoors, exercising more, not smoking and adopt pets.

Cat owners will be happy to know they are 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack just by sharing life with their beloved. Spending time with friends can also help you live longer – since loneliness is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

In the end, the infographic summarizes what it takes to prolong life.

“Being happily married and carefree, sex-loving, partying, taking over leadership roles and owning a cat.”Simple, right ?! Check below