‘Where Is Khloé?’ Kardashian Fans Ask About ‘Photoshopped’ Kylie Cosmetics Ad

Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian have found themselves in a middle of yet another debate about whether they have overly airbrushed their photos.

The new photo is an ad released by Jenner to tease her makeup collaboration with her sister. The promotional shot for Kylie Cosmetics is supposed to show them posing together, but some think the sisters look unrecognizable.

While the image does not display painful Photoshop fails, social media users claim it was heavily-edited, and comment that they cannot make out the sisters’ original features.

“Where is Khloé?” fans ask. One even assumes Jenner deliberately left her leg scar in the photo to indicate that the photo didn’t go through a lot of edits.