Your Smartphone Should Be Left At A Certain Charge Level To Prolong Its Lifespan

It can be stressful to witness your smartphone battery deplete in power over time. Thankfully, you can extend the lifespan of your device with small habit changes.

Dominik Schulte, managing director of the Germany battery-technology consultancy firm Batterie Ingenieure, told Business Insider that powering your phone to 100 percent and then continuing to charge it overnight “will have negative influence on aging.”

Although Ronald Ho, a project manager at Google, gave seemingly contradictory claims that recent juice-optimizing technologies have made overcharging a nonproblem, most smartphone makers seem to covertly agree that batteries can be maintained in the long term if their charge is kept within a range.

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For instance, Schultz revealed that the lithium-ion batteries used commonly in smartphones “age slowest” when frequently left with 30 percent to 50 percent of charge. Therefore, this would be the best range to leave your phone on idle.

The recommendation is supported by both Samsung’s battery help page, which encourages users to keep their gadgets’s battery charge at “at least 50 percent,” and Apple’s support page, which requests that iPhone owners keep their devices “half-charged” if they intend to store their phones away for awhile.

Other suggestions that can prolong battery life include not letting your smartphone drain to zero percent before recharging, as well as staying clear of surroundings that are too cold or warm.

A phone’s battery life is, of course, also affected by the age of your gadget, as the damage from an overnight charge can become more severe over time, eventually leading to easy depletion.